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Introducing Discovering Lieder – Special Project

LoveMusicPass are delighted to support our partner Leeds Lieder’s special project, Discovering Lieder, by offering a bursary towards travel expenses, helping to enable 160 children from local schools to access and participate in live music, in some cases for the very first time. This has been made possible through contributions from our members. Find out more about how Leeds Lieder is improving lives through Discovering Lieder below. Discovering Lieder, for Years 5 and 6 (Key Stage 2), is an introduction to art song that allows children to experiment. This full-class project involved approximately 160 children aged 9-11 from five primary...

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LoveMusicPass talks to Stephen Carpenter, Director of Carpenter Holidays

Mendelssohn in Scotland Holiday – 12 to 18 September 2017 A journey that follows in the footsteps of German composer, Felix Mendelssohn, whose visit to Scotland in 1829 inspired him to write two of his best-loved works, the Hebrides Overture and Scottish Symphony.   What gave you the idea of the “Mendelssohn in Scotland” holiday? I have long been fascinated by Mendelssohn as a composer and as a man whose talent extended to so many other areas, and a few years ago I came across the wonderful sketches that he made on his 1829 tour of Scotland with his...

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