LoveMusicPass are delighted to support our partner Leeds Lieder’s special project, Discovering Lieder, by offering a bursary towards travel expenses, helping to enable 160 children from local schools to access and participate in live music, in some cases for the very first time. This has been made possible through contributions from our members.

Find out more about how Leeds Lieder is improving lives through Discovering Lieder below.

Discovering Lieder, for Years 5 and 6 (Key Stage 2), is an introduction to art song that allows children to experiment. This full-class project involved approximately 160 children aged 9-11 from five primary schools. Two dynamic young singers Philip Wilcox and Aimee Toshney with pianist Joseph Cummings lead an intensive workshop that introduced Lieder’s classical style, demonstrated the power of the human voice, and taught works from the art song repertoire. The children also had the chance to write their own lyrics for one of the songs performed by the leaders.  The project consisted of two parts – the first an in-school session which introduced classes to the songs and singers, with a ‘song-writing’ session where students wrote their own words to a Lieder favourite.  The second element of the project was a visit to Leeds Town Hall where classes listened to a concert and performed the song lyrics they had created.

As Northern schools and councils continue to face difficult funding decisions, projects such as these are vital, ensuring that students are given access to music education of the highest standard possible.

In 2017, Discovering Lieder ran during the week prior to the Festival (21-23 April 2017), engaging with children in Leeds primary schools and extending the Festival’s reach to those who have little or no experience of classical song. The programme provides exciting opportunities to broaden cultural horizons, explore talents, and discover and develop voices.

Discovering Lieder is led by professional musicians and provided free of charge to participating schools. Discovering Lieder (for Years 5 & 6) is designed to:

  • provide young people with the chance to discover and develop their voices through music;
  • enable them to experience the exhilaration of learning, performing and composing songs together;
  • introduce art song as a form, developing live music audiences for the future, and
  • consolidate their learning by participation in the 2017 Festival.

Here is a note from Aimee, Philip and Joseph:

We had so much fun visiting the five schools involved in this project and exploring what makes Lieder such an enjoyable experience for everyone. In each session we explored the stories, characters, moods, emotions and images that this unique art form conjures up in the mind of the listener. We have been so impressed by the boundless enthusiasm and wild imaginations of each class that we worked with. To give everyone the opportunity to perform some art song we took Schubert’s Das Wandern as a template and each school wrote a verse based on ideas inspired by their first hearing of the song: they came up with everything from unicorns to sports cars, Christmas day to Wonderland and all sorts in between!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Leeds Lieder for their commitment to quality music and education and to all the children and teachers for being so welcoming and such a pleasure to work with.

The schools taking part in this project were:

Adel Primary School

Castleton Primary School

Weetwood Primary School

Westerton Primary School

White Laith Primary School