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If you’re a LoveMusicPass member then you may have already had the chance to enjoy special offers for Classical Opera’s staging of Mozart’s The First Commandment or, most recently, Apollo et Hyacinthus as part of their Mozart 250 series.

Earlier this month, audience members at St Johns Smith Square were treated to Classical Opera’s performance of Apollo et Hyacinthus; the opera was dramatically preceded by Mozart’s short but sweet Lambach Symphony (K. 45a), during which cast members began to emerge from the aisles making their way to the stage in slow motion, acting almost as an overture to the emotional performance of Mozart’s Grabmusik which swiftly followed.

Mozart was only 11 years old when he wrote his first opera, Apollo & Hyacinthus, and performed by Classical Opera, it has received brilliant reviews, including a 4-star review from The Times!

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Grace Green